Fort Lee Fall/Winter

Fall & Winter in Fort Lee, NJ Are Great For Skiing, Hiking and Winter Sports

When fall and winter come to New Jersey, one popular event for Fort Lee: skiing! Campgaw Mountain Ski Area is a wonderful place for both skiing and snowboarding. It’s only 22 miles from Fort Lee making it a wonderfully convenient place to hit the slopes. It’s a lovely place that makes an alpine adventure out of your backyard. Other ski areas that are relatively nearby include Catamount Ski Area in Hillside, NY; Plattekill Mountain in Roxybury, NY; and Willard Mountain in Greenwich, NY.

Closer to home, Fort Lee, New Jersey winter sports include cheering on local team sports, including high schools, as well as indoor exercises.

In the fall, Fort Lee, NJ hiking remains a popular activity. The Palisades Interstate Park stretches along the Hudson River from Fort Lee all the way up to the New York State line where it meshes with the other parks in the Palisades Park System. In New Jersey alone there are 25 miles of hiking trails.

Fort Lee winter sports remain popular for people who want to stay active and continue to enjoy recreation even during colder months. Fort Lee hiking is a great way to stay active when the trails are clear. Here, the hiking ranges from easy to strenuous.


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