Fort Lee George Washington Bridge

The George Washington Bridge Has Many Historical Roots in Fort Lee, NJ

From the George Washington Bridge, Fort Lee is extremely accessible. This suspension bridge connects Manhattan to Fort Lee and stretches across the Hudson River. Construction for the bridge began in 1927, and traffic first crossed it in 1931. Today it still acts as a portal for both New York City and Fort Lee, New Jersey. It now has 12 toll lanes on the upper deck and another 12 toll lanes on the lower deck.

George Washington Bridge information is easily accessed from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The bridge currently carries a fee of $12 while heading into New York. However, traffic headed into Fort Lee, New Jersey is free. Pedestrians and those on bicycles cross for free.

The George Washington Bridge stands high above the Hudson River and is still the world’s busiest bridge. The construction and engineering it took to create such a magnificent work is still something to marvel and behold.

George Washington Bridge history really begins back in 1932 when the bridge had its first full year of carrying traffic. That year it carried 5.5 million vehicles. In more recent times it has carried nearly 52.2 million vehicles – just going one way, eastbound and headed to New York City out of Fort Lee. The George Washington Bridge remains a vital and important avenue for transportation to and from Fort Lee and New York City. Its glory and beauty is always something to value.



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