Fort Lee Neighboring Areas

Fort Lee is Close to NYC & Near Much to do in NJ

The Fort Lee neighborhood is a great one to explore with many places to eat and easy access to transportation. Here you’ll find a large Asian population, which is reflected in many of the eateries and shops. But overall both the city and Fort Lee, New Jersey neighboring areas boast a large amount of diversity not just in people but also in things to do and places to go.

Of course, Manhattan is just minutes away on a quick trip over the George Washington Bridge. Around Fort Lee, NJ you’ll also find many other pleasures that aren’t focused on the hustle and bustle of New York City. Fort Lee neighboring areas includes many parks, places for children to play and areas to enjoy the picturesque outdoors that are hidden away like gems in the urban area. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped away from the city and into a different world.




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