Fort Lee Transportation

Getting Around Fort Lee, NJ Easy, Affordable With Public Transportation

Fort Lee transportation options are one of the key highlights of this fine community. Fort Lee is connected to New York City by way of the George Washington Bridge, which is the world’s busiest bridge for motor vehicles. You also can get to New York City on the water by ferry. You can either drive to the ferry or take the bus.

Getting around Fort Lee, New Jersey is fairly simple with Fort Lee, NJ public transportation options. People use cars, but the bus is also convenient and inexpensive. You can also use the lightrail, which again you can reach by car or on the bus. Some hotels in Fort Lee offer shuttle service into Manhattan for an extra fee.

Getting around Fort Lee and New York City isn’t difficult as long as you keep in mind the rush hour and busy traffic that occurs as people go to work and leave to come home.

Fort Lee has many nearby major roads including Palisades, Interstate Parkway and Routes 4, 5, 67 along with Interstate 95. It also has access to U.S. Route 9W, U.S. 1-9, U.S. Route 46 and County Route 505.

Fort Lee public transportation is one of the best bets and values for the traveling into New York City. Visitors will enjoy the ease of using the bus, ferry and lightrail. Newcomers to the area will soon grow accustomed to it and rely on this service


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