The Story of Cigar King

From Chicago to Scottsdale

I was sitting in my office this morning and reflecting on my personal history. You see I haven’t been in the cigar business for 40 years. Rather I started my career as a commodity trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Learning everything I could from veteran traders wasn’t easy, but I absorbed everything I could to better myself and grow as a responsible trader. The life isn’t an easy one. It’s high stress and requires a great deal of patience and understanding.

One thing that caught my attention and ended up being my impetus for leaving the “trader” life was a fine, premium cigar. Many of my mentors and friends would venture out after a day of trading and smoke a cigar on the Lakefront. It was a tremendous opportunity to relax and “vacation” for an hour. So, I decided to buy my father’s store in the suburbs and turn it into the ultimate cigar lounge where people could enjoy a good cigar year round in a comfortable setting akin to their own living room. The Cigar King was born.

I’ll fast forward a bit here. The Cigar King in Skokie, IL quickly established a reputation (that it still holds to this day) as a premier destination for cigar smokers. I established a premier mail order web site ( where customers all over the world could purchase their favorite premium cigars at discount prices. This business grew by leaps and bounds and I was ready for another challenge.

So, I headed out west and settled in the Scottsdale, AZ area. I moved out here and opened another retail location in the middle of an industrial park. It may not seem like the best location for a cigar lounge, but it has many advantages in this day and age. The “smoking police” don’t bother us. We’ve got plenty of parking and a facility that is a true oasis for cigar smokers. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a cigar!

About the Author

Daz Herring - The Smoking Gun Cigar Review


Daz Herring is a cigar reviewer and has been involved in the premium cigar industry for several years.

His blog, “The Smoking Gun Cigar Review,” can be found at, Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to his cigar interests, he is a professional musician, composer and director, having lived, traveled and performed around the world.

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