7 Heat-Busting Summertime Drinks & Cocktails

7 Heat-Busting Summertime Drinks & Cocktails

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Dessert Tea

It may sound like an odd pairing, but this combination of equal parts Tang fruit flavored drink and Lipton iced tea will have your guests clamoring for seconds. And for that homemade touch, garnish each glass with sliced oranges.

Basil-Grapefruit Spritzer

Speaking of odd couples, you’ll be amazed how the tangy citrus and the crisp herb in this drink make beautiful music together. Simply pour fresh grapefruit juice over ice, stir in a couple of bruised or muddled basil leaves, and then top with a splash of club soda or carbonated mineral water.

Honey-Ginger Lemonade

This summertime classic uses the sweetness of honey and the aromatic kick of ginger to balance out the lemon’s tartness. Start with 4 parts fresh lemon juice, 2 parts honey and 1 part peeled fresh ginger slices, then add water and ice (and optional mint sprigs) to taste.

Watermelon Mojito Mocktail

This one takes a bit of work, but it might just be your new favorite summer sipper. Start by pureeing 1 cup seeded watermelon chunks, .5 tablespoons simple syrup, .5 tablespoons fresh lime juice and 2 – 3 fresh mint leaves in a blender, and then strain. Salt mixture to taste, pour over ice, garnish with mint and top with a splash of club soda (optional).

Beer Chilada/Non-Alcoholic Beer Chilada

This citrus-spiked beer beverage is the perfect answer to a hot summer’s day. Pour your favorite regular or non-alcoholic beer (light lagers and pilsners work best) into a large glass with a salted rim, and then stir in a full shot glass of fresh lime juice.

White Beer & Grapefruit Juice Punch

This grown-up fruit punch features the surprising paring of beer and citrus to create the ultimate warm weather cooler. Using a ratio of 3 parts beer, 2 parts fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice and 1 part simple syrup, start by mixing the juice and the syrup in a punch bowl filled with ice. Then add your favorite hefeweizen or Belgian white beer just before serving so the punch doesn’t go flat. Garnish each glass with a wedge of fresh lemon.

Bourbon Slush

Since this delightful drink needs to be frozen overnight, it’s best to make it by the pitcherful. Combine and then freeze 7 cups water, 3 cups bourbon, 2 cups black tea, 12 ounces frozen lemonade concentrate, 6 ounces frozen orange juice concentrate and 1 cup sugar. Prior to serving, set it out to soften, break it up with a fork, and then pour into a glass.