Make School Days Simpler With This Delicious Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Avoid the back-to-school morning madness with this yummy, healthful (and portable) yogurt parfai

Make School Days Simpler With This Delicious Yogurt Parfait Recipe

What You’ll Need

Stemmed serving glass (or disposable to-go cup with lid)

Plain, low-sugar yogurt

Fresh or frozen sliced berries

Thick-cut, rolled oats or Grape-Nuts cereal

Stevia natural sweetener


Let’s Do It

Fill a stemmed glass (or to-go cup) with alternating layers of:


1. Fresh or thawed frozen berries

2. Plain yogurt sweetened with Stevia

3. Rolled oats or sliced almonds

4. One last layer of fruit


Serve immediately or refrigerate overnight. If serving in a to-go cup, top with a plastic lid with a long plastic spoon threaded through the straw hole. In fact, you can serve all sorts of breakfasts in to-go cups including scrambled eggs, hash browns or even syrupy chunks of pancakes or waffles.


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