Change Your Breakfast

People often tell me they want to change the way they eat but they simply don’t know how to start. I say, “Change your breakfast.” Here is my reason. Breakfast means that you are breaking a fast… you have been asleep anywhere from 4 to 10 hours and probably haven’t eaten for at least 8 eight hours. You have given your body/ your digestive system a well-needed break from the work of processing nutrients or sometimes processing chemicals and alcohol that the body needs to eliminate in the best way it can. Our rest from the hard work our bodies do day in and day out is critical for our wellness. Hence what we eat in the morning is an important way to begin a healthy day. Our body is more acidic when we wake up because of the elimination process that occurred while you slept and choosing a food that is alkaline helps give your body a jump start to more energy.

Instead of jumping out bed… the shower and rushing to your corner starbucks for a sugary latte drink and a bagel… think about getting up 10 minutes earlier and starting your day differently. If you love your coffee (though acidic if you choose better coffee it will be less so) then make sure you either buy and make fair trade, organic coffee and turn the making of it into the first quiet ritual of your day. Grind fresh beans, smell the aroma as the beans bounce around in the grinder. Or if you are a green tea drinker like me… open the canister of jasmine pearls and smell the waft of fragrance that comes as the pearls dive into the filter. Boil water to just the right temperature, pour over the delicate pearls and let it steep to a light green hue. Finally pour whatever your morning drink is into your favorite cup, one that you can hold with relish and enjoy everything about a mindful first drink.

After your hot drink then what do you eat? Again think of alkalizing, especially if you tend to eat and drink highly acidic foods i.e.; coffee, alcohol red meat fried foods processed foods and sugar. My favorite choice for breakfast is to make a green smoothie. Don’t think because it is green that it will taste like a swamp and be icky healthy. No… I like my food to taste delicious. (Recipe below.) Plus if you like moving first thing in the morning and having a heavy breakfast is simply too much then this is the perfect choice. When I have my green drink I can practice yoga, do kettle bells or go for a hike without feeling like I am working on digesting as well as working on “getting up a mountain.”

Another reason I recommend changing your breakfast is because when you make a better choice for breakfast you are more than likely going to make a different healthier choice for lunch. When you change your breakfast you will have more energy and clarity. It is that simple. Your first choice for food influences your next choice.

Breakfast ideas:

1. Green smoothie

Celery, spinach, cucumber parsley juice (either homemade or from your local health store) OR raw unpasteurized coconut water 8oz

One Kale leaf

1/3 avocado

Tblsp Raw Honey

Tsp turmeric organic for inflammation

Lg Tblsp Greens powder I like Org Lives super greens which you can get from my online store on Opensky

Dash of cinnamon

Blend all ingredients in blender and ENJOY… feel the difference

Other Breakfast options

2. Egg white omelet gluten free piece of toast whole grain ingredients (many options at the health food store) or sprouted grain bread tsp raw butter or raw almond butter

3. Raw yogurt or Greek plain yogurt with berries and Tblsp RAW unheated untreated honey and cinnamon

4. Protein smoothie, unpastuerized coconut water 8oz, one scoop organic raw whey powder or hemp protein or jay Robb egg white protein, (all stevia sweetened a healthy fiber that sweetens) a raw organic free-range egg, dollop of plain yogurt, 1/3-cup berries, Tblsp flax oil or a Tblsp raw almond butter. Blend and ENJOY

About the Author

Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams

Academy Award Nominee, Actress, Author, Model, and Health & Nutrition advocate, Mariel Hemingway has teamed up with Adventurist, stunt man, Actor, and Health & Wellness guru, Bobby Williams to engage and enlighten people throughout the world as they share the knowledge and insight they have gained by “walking the walk”. Mariel and Bobby are partners in life and share a common vision of making each individual better, stronger, healthier, and happier while respecting the planet and all it has to offer. They tour the globe sharing their insights to crowds of people, and are currently working on a new book that chronicles their adventurous lifestyle, and allows people to view the world from a different perspective. Mariel and Bobby invite you to join them in making a better "you." They have been described as “hands-on, honest, and revolutionary” in their approach to living.  Look at for products they love and more health and wellness inspiration

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