• The United Kingdom voted on a referendum which resulted in the declaration of splitting from the European Union. This article will discuss the potential ramifications it can have on your next car purchase here in the United States. ...Read More
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  • Leasing has many different customers, but it really falls into two main buckets: You lease because you’re the kind of person who upgrades to the latest and greatest phone the instant you’re eligible or you lease because you don’t have a crystal ball which can predict where you’ll be in the next couple of years....Read More
  • Consider how often you need to fill the cargo area or trunk, as you might be bringing a stroller with you, if you often like to pack a vehicle full with groceries and other shopping in one trip you’ll want to consider a large cargo area....Read More

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Max Glasner is an automotive expert and journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area with professional experience in the automotive industry including sales, acquisitions, and insurance, and his personal pursuit as a vintage car enthusiast in his spare time.

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