Choosing Roofing Styles in New Jersey: Great Tips

With the number of roofing styles and materials available today, choosing the right option can be a daunting task. Are you going to go for natural materials or man-made materials? Should you go for a more traditional style or opt for a modern style?

If you’re in the process of choosing a roofing style for your home, you should take into account the following factors before making your final choice:


One of the first factors you should consider is the roofing style. Whether you’re building a new house or merely updating the roofing style of an old one, you should consider whether the style would suit the architecture of the house. Modern houses with minimalistic designs would go well with flat roof styles or shed roof styles whereas traditional houses might go better with gable roofs and other conventional roofing designs.


If you want a guarantee on your roof’s durability, look for materials that come with long warranty periods. You should also consider the area your house is located and what kind of weather conditions you are typically exposed to. For instance, areas that are prone to high winds should opt for roofing options like bonnet roofing because they are better suited for such conditions.

If you are located in an area that’s mostly hot throughout the year, you might want to consider tiles, as they provide additional insulation. If you want a durable roof, then make sure the materials you choose are also durable. Suitable options for durability include: slate, concrete tiles, clay tiles, and metal.

Avoid materials like asphalt and wood if durability is your top priority, as the average lifespan of asphalt and wood ranges from 15 to 25 years compared to 50 to 75 years for clay tile and slate.


Cost is an important factor, as your options are limited by how much your budget is. As difficult as it is to shell out the cash for your home exterior, never try to install roofing DIY style. While the cheapest material for roofing is asphalt, it is also the least durable and does not offer as much insulation as other materials. Slate, the most durable material for roofing, is also the most expensive (costing an average of $1100 to $2200 per square). If cost is not an issue for you, then slate is a good option but if you want a good balance between cost and durability, metal is your best option (costs range from $250 to $450 per square).


Choosing environmentally safe roofing in NJ are not only sustainable but can also lessen your energy consumption. For roofing to be eco-friendly, it must provide good insulation and it must also be recyclable. Eco-friendly materials are often all natural like slate, clay tile, wood, and concrete. Metal can also be an eco-friendly choice if it is made from recycled materials.

Building Codes

Building codes can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction so you should make sure that the style and materials of your roof abides by building codes. Most contractors will inform you about these codes so you can limit your choices to what is allowed. It’s also difficult to get a permit for materials that don’t abide by these codes so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll violate any as long as you secure the correct construction permits.

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