Fort Lee Residents Protest Kaufer Ln High-Rise Rental Development

Proposed Kaufer Ln High-Rise Construction Site

With an onslaught of large-scale new constructions (including Twenty50, Hudson Lights and the Modern twin towers) just footsteps away from the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee NJ, local residents have been vocal and concerned about traffic congestion, school overcrowding, and the negative impact on quality of life. Now another HIGH-RISE rental development within 0.3 mile has been proposed in the congested area at Main Street/River Rd, and is under public hearing.

This plan, submitted by KAUFER LANE ASSOCIATES (Docket #10-14), violates major zoning regulations in a MID-RISE residential zone. With its proposed 203 units and 345 parking spaces, this HIGH-RISE development will over-crowd a neighborhood consisting of mainly narrow, single-car passing/turning streets. For location on Google maps, please check “40°50'57.4"N 73°57'56.6"W”. The KAUFER LANE ASSOCIATES’ development plan is strongly opposed by Fort Lee residents.

People are concerned about the detrimental effects the proposed development will have on the local community. To voice opposition, more than 360 Fort Lee residents have signed by hand or online for a petition against the development plan. They are also urging other Fort Lee residents to join and support by SIGNING THE PETITION TODAY, and ATTEND the upcoming public hearing.

Click here to view the online petition SAYING NO to this HIGH-RISE development plan

The upcoming Zoning Board of Adjustment Public Hearing is scheduled on Tue September 23, 2014 at 7:30pm at the Council Chamber of Fort Lee Municipal Building, 209 Main Street.

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